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Dr. Benjamin Dykes is a leading medieval astrologer and translator who earned his PhD in philosophy from the University of Illinois. He earned his medieval astrology qualification from Robert Zoller and taught philosophy courses at universities in Illinois and Minnesota.

He recently published Astrology of the World Vols. 1-2, Traditional Astrology for Today, and The Book of the Nine Judges. In 2015-16 he is publishing translations from Arabic and Greek. In 2007–08 he translated Guido Bonatti’s Book of Astronomy and the Works of Sahl & Masha’allah, on all branches of traditional astrology.

He currently offers the Logos & Light philosophy courses on MP3 for astrologers and occultists, and reads charts for clients worldwide.

News/Updates (Nov-Dec 2014):

NEW BOOK: Astrology of the World II

NEW AUDIO LECTURE: Workshop on Victors, Almutens, and the Holy Guardian Angel.

READINGS: Ben Dykes will be on a writing retreat and traveling until October 2014, and will not take clients until November 2014.

NEW AUDIO LECTURE: Workshop on Traditional Lots

INTERVIEW: Chris Brennan interviews Ben Dykes about his recent release, Hephaistion's Apotelesmatics Book III.

NEW AUDIO LECTURES: Introduction to Aristotle and his Ethics

NEW AUDIO LECTURE: 2013 Lecture: Introduction to Traditional Mundane Astrology

NEW BOOK: Hephaistion's Apotelesmatics Book III

NEW MUSIC: Aeonian Glow

RECENT BOOKS: Astrology of the World I: The Ptolemaic Inheritance, Astrological Magic: Basic Rituals & Meditations

RECENT AUDIO LECTURES: 2013 Workshop: Elements of Solar Revolutions, Full-Day Workshop Download: Traditional Distributions through the Bounds, FAA 2012 Conference: Freedom, Metaphysics, Ethics: Philosophical Issues in Astrology, FAA 2012 Conference: Eminence and Status in Traditional Astrology

RECENT MUSIC: Music of the Elements and Nights

ARTICLE: In Astrology: The New Generation (Flare Publications, May 2012).

INTERVIEW: Chris Brennan interviews Ben Dykes on his new book, Choices & Inceptions.

REVIEW: The ISAR review of Traditional Astrology for Today

RECENT PUBLICATIONS: Traditional Astrology for Today, The Traditional Horary Series, AFA CD Recordings, Choices & Inceptions, Complete Plato Lectures

AVAILABLE NOW: Introductions to Traditional Astrology, Paperback Sahl-Masha'allah, Persian Nativities III, Complete Bonatti Reprints:

Ascensions Table for Distribution
Firdariyyat Table
The Essential Medieval Astrology Cycle
"Some Medieval Uses of the Nodes"
Arabic and Pahlavi Vocabulary
Guide to Persian Nativities I-II
Medieval Astrology: Figures, Contributions, Outlooks

Logos & Light Lecture Series

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